Stay the F*** at Home (ft. Samuel L. Jackson)

Music producer Norbu listens to and enhances an iconic voice.

I dare you. I DOUBLE dare you to stay home!

What do you do when you encounter one of the world's most iconic voices reading a poem about Coronavirus?

I'm a music producer, and singer/songwriter who goes by the name Norbu. And when I heard Samuel Jackson’s iconic words, I just had to put them on one of my tracks.

Like you, I'm stuck in my home in the Netherlands (a.k.a Holland). While spending way too much time on Youtube, I stumbled upon Samuel Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel Live, reading out a poem urging us to Stay the F*** at Home. I was working on music for my upcoming project (more info on that soon), when I had the idea of downloading the audio track from Samuel Jackson’s narration and overlaying it on top of one of my own songs. And it fit pretty well!

Just as I finished overlaying the track, and moving a few other things around, my housemate walked into my room. And that’s when I heard "DAMN! That's dope. You gotta post this now!".  So that's what I did and the result is the video above. And so here we are.

I hope this gives you a little chuckle while you stay safe and sound in your homes. And if you do need to go out, I also hope you respect other people's space and stay vigilant. We're all in this together.

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Back soon. Meanwhile, stay safe and stay well!



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